The Alchemy of Qi-Gong

Pedram Shojai
1 Season, 3 Episodes

This three part series provides a vibrant preventative approach to health and wellness. It is intended to become the springboard for a healthy alchemical practice, anchored in the physical body. With these simple health-enhancing exercises you will become capable of stepping into a life of personal mastery and peaceful tranquility.

- Volume I: The Essential Health Practices is designed to help you to discover new sources of vitality within and take control of your own personal well being.

- Volume II: Shaolin Basics builds a foundation for a solid energy yoga practice by bringing up energy in the body with a calm mind while in specific postures.

- Volume III: Shaolin Alchemy offers advanced concepts in qigong to cultivate personal power, refine your focus, strengthen your body and calm your mind.

This informative and revitalizing series will change your life.

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