A Beginners Guide To Kettlebells

Delaine Ross
1 Season, 6 Episodes
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This program is a 6 part series designed for people who want to get into a kettlebell routine but don’t have hours to spend in the gym. This style of training originated in Russia hundreds of years ago when the Russian Army needed a portable training system they could bring from camp to camp with them that incorporated strength, cardio and mobility all at the same time. Enter the Kettlebell. The videos teach technique and proper form for the foundation Kettlebell exercises and provide follow-along training sessions that incorporate the exercises learned.

The videos can be repeated as an ongoing regimen and can be performed in 15-minute sessions 6 days per week; or they can be doubled up for 30-minute sessions 3 times per week.

Kettlebell training offers an efficient and effective way to train your whole body to be strong, lean and move well with minimal time investment.