Children of the World

1 Season, 9 Episodes

The experience of childhood around the globe depends a great deal on place and circumstances. In Children of the World, we explore the lives of children in remote corners of the globe. Too often we find children growing up in difficult circumstances. Faced with poverty, illness or broken families, many of these children are forced to grow up much too fast. Yet their stories are deeply compelling, with extraordinary moments of hope, determination, love and redemption.

EDITORS’ NOTE: For some reason, the producers of this series chose to write the voice-over narration of these episodes as if in the first-person voice of the child whose life is being explored. Although read by adult narrators, these first-person accounts attempt to imitate a child’s voice by using overly simple sentences and concepts, and they are often read in a sing-song voice that almost trivializes the challenges these children face. However, because the video storytelling is so powerful and the lives of these children so different than that of most children in more economically viable societies, we chose to present this series despite its shortcomings. We hope you will find these stories as moving as we do.