Fitness 4 Weight Loss: Fighting Fit

Brian Killian
1 Season, 5 Episodes

In Fighting Fit, you need one thing and one thing only, You! No equipment needed, yet it can bring outstanding quick results for weight loss...and it's fun. You can do it at home in the family room, with your kids in the yard, at work in your office, in your hotel room if you're traveling, or even on holidays at the beach or park. Wherever you are, you can use this session to flick into Fat Burn.Join Brian and train amongst the backdrop of the picturesque and productive agricultural region of McLaren Vale, Australia. Fighting Fit caters to any skill level, but is unlimited in its potential to ignite your Fat-Burn potential.

If you want to lose body fat and achieve a healthy weight, the Fitness 4 Weight Loss series is for you! Be and feel strong, physically and mentally, and boost your energy and vitality for life!

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