A Garden for Eden

Melinda Messenger
1 Season, 7 Episodes

In this seven-episode series, hosted by Melinda Messenger, gardeners from all over the West build their designs in side-by-side competition. The two finalists earn the chance to create competing gardens at the iconic Eden Project in Cornwall.

In four round-one episodes, you and judges Scott Evans (a professional gardener and plantsman) and Richard Sneesby (a garden designer and lecturer) experience the current gardens of the eight competing gardeners. One gardener in each episode advances to round two. Which garden impresses you more in each episode, do you agree with the judges’ choice?

In each of episodes five and six, two winners of round one have the opportunity to design and build backyard gardens side-by-side in a new development in Torquay. Who would you pick for the final round?

In episode seven, the final competition, the second-round winners battle it out by building new gardens at the Eden Project in Cornwall. This time, in addition to show judges Scott Evans and Richard Sneesby, the gardens are judged by the public and by Eden’s Tim Smit. Did your favorite gardener make it to the finals?