GIFTS: Great Ideas for Transforming Societies

1 Season, 6 Episodes

Our planet is at a pivotal time in history where it faces many pressing challenges. Nations grapple with a global environmental crisis, while billions remain trapped by poverty, illiteracy and oppressive rulers. In some parts of the world, preventable diseases still claim the lives of thousands each day. From this milieu, many remarkable individuals and organizations have risen to meet the challenges of the day. GIFTS stands for Great Ideas For Transforming Societies – ideas which are much-needed gifts for our planet.

In this six-part series, we uncover some of the most innovative ideas, projects and solutions that are creating positive change in the world. Each episode takes viewers to the heart of these projects and introduces the heroes behind them. Share their visions, challenges and successes. Find out how their work impacts upon communities, transforms people’s lives, alters the way we think, and ultimately provides exemplary models for creating a better world.