Guerilla Gardener in New Zealand

Grahame Beakhust
1 Season, 13 Episodes

In these Guerilla Gardener series shows, host Grahame Beakhust is in New Zealand.

You can also join Grahame in:

- The United States

- Canada

This show's tagline is "Gardening with an Attitude" because host Grahame Beakhust is militant, he’s a maverick, he’s the Guerilla Gardener — liberating the landscape, freeing the foliage, growling at the grass and flaunting his flowers. Grahame provides an affectionate and irreverent look at gardens and gardeners, emphasizing the experience of gardening rather than the details, welcoming guest gardeners — from the experienced to the eccentric — and showing how anyone, anywhere, with a windowsill, balcony, suburb or sea coast, can create a personal vision of paradise.

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