Healthy Home

Tamara Stanners
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes

Healthy Home is about living in harmony with our surroundings. Offering us a new way to look at the way we live, the show highlights ideas, innovations and examples of easy or creative ways of shaping our environment, and of make our homes and communities healthier.

Hosted by Tamara Stanners, the show profiles different people and the creative, often inspiring ways in which they choose to live their lives. They come from all walks of life, sharing one thing in common - they have each made choices about their living conditions to improve their health. In each episode you meet fascinating families, enjoy insight from various experts and meet activists who have created inspiring homes, communities and environments.

Based on solid research and backed up by an impressive slate of advisors, the show explores different genres, such as gardening, decorating, architecture and design, health, family, lifestyles, community activism and harmony with nature. It is a celebration of innovation and the people who have taken the risk of doing things a little differently to improve their quality of life.