The Hidden Power of Meditation
Season 5 . 3 Episodes

Welcome to a series unlike anything Gaia has seen before. In this progressive six-part program, featuring meditation practices between 5 & 30 minutes long, Kevin Courtney unveils meditation techniques designed to meet you where you are and take you beyond.

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S5:Ep1, Time: Lecture (Preview)
The Hidden Power of Meditation (Trailer)
Episode 1
3 mins
The concept of time can reveal itself in many forms. Kevin invites you to explore your own relationship with time.
Episode 2
26 mins
Explore this meditation on time as we weave your focus forward and backwards through the past, present, and future. As you access these different timelines, build the muscles necessary to access deeper dimensions of the meditative state. From this place, the hidden powers of meditation — such as the ability to see into the true nature of things — can emerge.
Episode 3
9 mins
The power to see into the true nature of time unfolds as you continue to rest your attention on it.