3 Seasons, 15 Episodes

Gaia brings to you some of the world's brightest luminaries who share the most vital fruits of their life’s work; offering us a thriving legacy to propel humanity into a new stage of conscious evolution. You are invited to embark upon a journey to discover who you are, why you are here and to awaken your greatest potential.

Season 1 - Ervin Laszlo reveals the deepest mysteries of who we are and why we are here, explaining how we can tap into our potential as a sapient species connected with a conscious universe.

Season 2 - Barbara Marx Hubbard inspires us to choose the trajectory of human evolution, building a new world where the whole of our species becomes conscious evolutionaries.

Season 3 - Dr. Raymond Moody reveals his personal research on some of the most common experiences with NDEs, shared death experiences, communicating with spirits and reincarnation.

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