Let‘s All Go to the Beach

French and English
1 Season, 20 Episodes

Explore the history and lifestyles of 20 nations around the world with a trip to their legendary beaches. Each beach is an individual socio-cultural microcosm that will surprise, amuse and inform you about different trends on the five continents.

As much about a country’s fascinating past as its glamourous present, each beach has its own story to tell. Using archival footage and interviews with people who play or make their living on the beach, the series explores the development of beach culture, from the first, few, privileged bathers to mass popular tourism.

From the Ukranians who prefer tanning standing upright and the Chinese who can’t swim to naturists and naturalists in Germany and the family beach outing in Italy and to the Pakistani women who swim in chador and veils -- these are just a few examples of the surprising habits and social rituals that make up the various customs of each country.

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