The Method: All in One Workout

1 Season, 3 Episodes

The Method All-In-One Workout integrates all of the elements recommended for a complete workout, and includes innovative anti-gravity precision toning exercises and firming techniques. These physical makeover techniques are regularly practiced by performing artists, and are favored by classical dance teachers, fitness trainers, and Pilates practitioners.

Warm-Up Conditioning: An innovative variety of dance-based movements to awake every major muscle of the body-a workout all unto itself! (15 minutes)

Aerobic Cross-Training: Burn fat and firm major muscles with a cross training routine that alternates between aerobic dance moves and The Method's precision sculpting techniques. (35 minutes)

Centering Makeover: The abdominals are the body's center of energy, balance and strength. Watch your stomach, spine, and hip muscles tone and strengthen and improve your posture, balance, and poise using The Method's exclusive anti-gravity techniques. (35 minutes)

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