Mystery Teachings
Season 4 . 24 Episodes

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. in physics, deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

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S4:Ep1, The Fool: A Journey of Self-Discovery (Preview)
Mystery Teachings (Trailer)
Episode 1
30 mins
Use Tarot to discover your multidimensionality and make a big shift in consciousness. Dr. Theresa Bullard reveals the mysteries of the Fool. This is the origin of the Hero’s Journey, the path of self-discovery and awakening the true self.
Episode 2
18 mins
Connect with the Fool Tarot card, in this meditation, to learn how it manifests in our lives and how we can willfully emanate its energy, life, and playfulness.
Episode 3
32 mins
Harness more of your unawakened potential by exploring the light and dark sides of the divine masculine and feminine. These are realized through the Magician and High Priestess cards.
Episode 4
28 mins
Meditate using affirmations on the Magician and High Priestess Tarot cards to connect with these archetypes for self-reflection and introspection and to access hidden knowledge.
Episode 5
26 mins
Find the perfect union between creativity and reason with the Emperor and Empress. As you progress upon your path of self-discovery with Dr. Theresa Bullard, she defines mother and father archetypes we each hold within.
Episode 6
31 mins
Balance your creative imagination with reasoning abilities as Dr. Teresa Bullard guides us on a meditation through the Emperor and Empress Tarot cards.
Episode 7
32 mins
Improve communication and relationships while sharpening intuition and discernment. Dr. Theresa Bullard delves into the mysteries of the Hierophant and the Lovers which helps integrate various levels of consciousness.
Episode 8
31 mins
Learn how to grow from life's lessons while walking a mystical path in this meditative journey through the Hierophant and Lovers Tarot cards with Dr. Theresa Bullard.
Episode 9
29 mins
Become centered as you harness inner resources and maintain grace under pressure. Such equilibrium and poise can be gained through the Tarot cards of the Chariot and Strength.
Episode 10
31 mins
Meditate upon the Tarot cards of the Chariot and Strength to gain courage and strength needed to venture further upon the path of the Hero’s Journey. The development of true spiritual strength and grace are needed to continue the quest of self-actualization.
Episode 11
33 mins
Find a guide to help fulfill a higher destiny. Dr. Theresa Bullard leads us on a journey inward to know Self and awaken change with the Hermit and Wheel of Fortune Tarot cards.
Episode 12
34 mins
As above so below -- we walk between the eternal and the physical realms. Dr. Theresa Bullard takes us deeper into the symbols and meanings of the Hermit and Wheel of Fortune Tarot cards with a guided journey.
Episode 13
30 mins
Lessons for self-actualization from the Justice and the Hanged Man include making a sacrifice for a higher purpose and bringing balance in your life. Dr. Theresa Bullard shows us how we can use these archetypes to connect with universal consciousness.
Episode 14
32 mins
Get the equilibrium and spiritual maturity needed to continue upon the path of awakening. Dr. Theresa Bullard helps us to contemplate and integrate the images and symbols found on the Justice and Hanged Man Tarot cards.
Episode 15
27 mins
You can handle big life changes with grace and balance. Dr. Theresa Bullard guides us through the Tarot Cards of Death and Temperance, two of the most importance stages in our spiritual growth.
Episode 16
31 mins
Take a step beyond the end to find a new beginning and gain a renewed sense of purpose. Dr. Theresa Bullard guides us through meditations on the Tarot cards of Death and Temperance, two cards associated with big life changes.
Episode 17
28 mins
Learn to engage your shadows and transform them into light. We have now reached the most difficult stages in the Hero’s Journey through the Tarot cards of The Devil and The Tower.
Episode 18
32 mins
Dr. Theresa Bullard leads us through a meditation upon the Devil and Tower Tarot cards to realize our true self, but only if we are willing to face and clear the shadows of our former selves.
Episode 19
29 mins
Dr. Theresa Bullard guides us into the beginning of the end with the Star & Moon Tarot cards which provide the light to guide us out of the dark night of the soul.
Episode 20
30 mins
With this meditation on the Star & Moon Tarot cards, you can develop your intuition, consciously connect with the universal mind, and further the ascension of the soul.
Episode 21
28 mins
Create a life filled with greater joy, meaning, and purpose as the Tarot cards of Sun & Judgment offer the final lessons before we are reunited with true self. Dr. Theresa Bullard relates these cards to the alchemical process of distillation.
Episode 22
32 mins
This meditation upon the Sun & Judgment Tarot cards, with Dr. Theresa Bullard, is a practical experiential way to work with higher archetypes of the soul.
Episode 23
27 mins
Dr. Theresa Bullard recaps the hero’s journey we have undertaken as we ventured through the previous 21 archetypes of the Major Arcana. Then we merge all of them into one, with the World Tarot card.
Episode 24
43 mins
Dr. Theresa Bullard leads a meditation upon the imagery and symbolism of the World Tarot card so that we can become the cosmic dancer at the center of creation.