The Ocean Mosaic

1 Season, 6 Episodes

In six spectacular one-hour specials, underwater naturalist and film maker John Stoneman personally examines the many wonders of the undersea realm. He visits the globe, from the far reaches of the harsh polar regions to the dazzling and plentiful equatorial zone.

They all exist in The Ocean Mosaic: the gigantic humpback whale and its playful cousins, the dolphin, the most ferocious man-eating sharks, the polar fish with antifreeze in their veins, and the complex relationships formed on the coral reefs of the Red Sea. In the final episode, The Troubled Ocean, Stoneman examines factors that threaten to permanently harm some ocean species and their habitats. He looks at how the ecosystems of the world evolved, and suggests how those damaged by humankind’s carelessness may be restored to their former beauty.

Scientific learning and fascinating detail form the backbone of each of these exciting six specials about the earth’s beautiful underwater ecosystems. With its stunning imagery and unique artistry, this is truly a series for all to enjoy.