Shamwari: A Wild Life

Lyndal Davies
1 Season, 13 Episodes

Shamwari gives viewers the chance to “live the African dream,” as our cameras follow the amazing work of a very special group of people who call South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve both work and home. Their office is 45,000 acres of pristine wilderness, teeming with the world’s most incredible animals. Their houses are surrounded by electric fences – it’s the only way to keep the lions and elephants out!

We’ll be riding shotgun with the game-capture team. It’s a job where just one mistake can cost you your life. Then there’s the animal hospital where many special moments are spent caring for orphaned and injured wildlife. The newest arrival is a 6-month-old baby elephant. Babies just don’t come bigger than this, and getting it back to the wild will be a major challenge. Our rangers will take us on daily game drives to learn more about the quirky characteristics of Africa’s amazing animals.

Then there’s our vet Johan. He really does have the most dangerous job in the world – his patients include some of the world’s deadliest animals – lions, leopard, rhino and buffalo. But it’s all in a day’s work for the team that calls Shamwari home. It’s guaranteed to be a roller coaster of a game drive!