T‘ai Chi for Health & Happiness with David-Dorian Ross

David-Dorian Ross
1 Season, 2 Episodes
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David-Dorian Ross, American T’ai Chi Master, will guide you through four easy T’ai Chi moves to create a simple flow you can use daily to bring balance, power and integrity into your everyday experience.

David-Dorian Ross is a 7-time U.S. National Champion, World Silver Medalist and 2-time World Bronze Medalist in the martial art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, or “Ultimate Harmony Boxing.” He is the creator of best-selling videos and the author of numerous books and articles on T’ai Chi and holistic health. David-Dorian is dedicated to making T’ai Chi and its mental, physical and spiritual benefits available to everyone.

To learn how to create a longer, traditional T’ai Chi Flow, try David's Introduction to T'ai Chi.