What’s Really in Our…?

1 Season, 10 Episodes

The average person uses 10 to 25 cosmetic products before they leave the house in the morning: exposing their hair, skin, and mouth to hundreds of chemicals before breakfast. From sunscreens to moisturizers, toothpaste to hair dye, Petra Bagust investigates how our favorite products work, if they work and whether there are toxic dangers lurking in our homes. Speaking to the experts, including leading scientists and medical professionals, she uncovers the good, the bad and the ugly truths about our daily creams, gels and pastes.

What’s Really in Our…? looks into the popular myths and misunderstandings surrounding personal care products, asking what the fuss is about sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens; whether any anti-aging products actually work; whether there really is lead in lipstick; whether mouthwash can give you cancer; whether aluminum in deodorants is dangerous; and whether “natural” is any better than “synthetic.”

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