Wild Orphans

Olivia Mokiejewski
1 Season, 4 Episodes

Olivia Mokiejewski, French television presenter, journalist and ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, takes us around the world to meet baby orphans of endangered species. She investigates the reasons behind their abandonment and how they can be rescued. If we save the babies, can we save the species?

In Borneo, baby orangutans are illegally captured by local farmers and then sold for up to $1,000 on the Indonesian market. Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, the woolly monkey is threatened by deforestation whereas in the African Savannah, elephant poaching is thriving once again. Sick, hurt and often traumatized, we follow these young mammals as they are reeducated in captivity until ready to be released into the wild.

A deeply moving series that helps us grasp the stakes and the urgency of saving species from extinction.