Yoga for the Not So Young: Slow and Gentle Practices
1 Season . 5 Episodes

Kerry will guide you through a range of gentle, beginner-level practices aimed to enhance flexibility in a very gentle and restorative way. Kerry is also an advocate for body awareness and this remains at the core of all of her classes.

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Yoga for the Not So Young: Slow and Gentle Practices (Preview)

Be encouraged to explore your body and breath as you move through the beginner-level practices in this series. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced body awareness and increased flexibility and strength as you discover the joys of being kind to yourself and your body.

Teacher: Kerry Lyons
Episode 1
14 mins
In this video we had the opportunity to ask Kerry questions about herself that we're sure you’d love to hear, too. Kerry brings so much passion and love to the camera, so be sure to watch this short interview with Kerry.
Episode 2
12 mins
Each day is a new beginning so supercharge your day with this balancing Chakra Breathing Practice!
Episode 3
17 mins
Warm up and energize your body and muscles with Kerry's warm-up flow.
Episode 4
32 mins
After a long day, or upon rising, this practice offers your body gentle movement and an element of grounding.
Episode 5
39 mins
From your toes to your fingertips, lengthen and loosen your extremities with a gentle stretch flow.