December GaiaScope

Ophiuchus, the “serpent-bearer,” is the 13th sign of the Zodiac proposed by sidereal astrology. As the sun briefly enters this constellation in early December, it bridges fixed Scorpio and mutable Sagittarius to invoke the alchemical mix of ice and fire represented by the Temperance Angel of Tarot. Also called the Great Attractor, Ophiuchus exerts its magnificent, mysterious gravitational influence over this year’s winter solstice. Just as the legendary St. Nick bestows the giddy virtues of Yule, Jupiter in Taurus magnetizes gifts of Source for all starseeds. At the end of the month, Capricorn season stations all planets direct on an unwavering energetic trajectory toward Pluto in Aquarius, invoking the age of air and welcoming the collective into our highest generational timeline. We curated these interviews and practices to sharpen your evolutionary and alchemical awareness through this month’s catalytic energies.