March GaiaScope

This March brings a tidal wave of new possibilities, the start of eclipse season, and a watery Piscean stellium that is supercharged by the amplifying energy of the Spring Equinox. Because the lunar eclipse is in the south node of Libra, there is an intense focus on relationships, providing a solid container for endings and releasings. Take note of any stuck thoughts, patterns, and fears that emerge from the thawing ice of winter. Creative movement and dance will help melt any frozen feelings out of the body so you can fully embrace the cathartic light of Spring and bear witness to the beauty of new beginnings. Those who can flow with the tides of these transformative energies will be in a great position to enjoy the fireworks of next month’s solar eclipse in Aries. We curated these films, interviews, and practices to help you flow through the waves of transformation this month.