October GaiaScope

Expect an active eclipse corridor through October with abrupt beginnings and endings as the moon’s nodal axis shifts into Aries and Libra. As the outer planets leave retrograde, the Galactic Center is broadcasting psionic codes to anyone with Libra personal placements. Look for new gifts in the five “clairs” coming online. The mid-month "Ring of Fire Eclipse" in Libra is a New Moon charged by asteroid Eris and the wounded healer Chiron – both in head-strong Aries. Prepare to stand in individual sovereignty as a collective initiation takes place to empower the divine feminine with supportive frequencies from the divine masculine like a smoldering ember brought back to life with the slightest breeze. As Scorpio season begins, a final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus closes out the previous fixed earth/water nodal axis and aspects the United States’ natal Pluto return. October’s second eclipse lunation represents a material culmination and a concrete halt to any physical circumstances driven by emotional toxicity that we’ve secreted away and refused to shed. We curated these interviews and practices to sharpen your intuitive guidance through these fast-shifting energies.