15 Reasons to Live

1 hr, 24 mins2013

After running into a neighborhood acquaintance at the local used record store who shared his list of 15 reasons to live, Alan Zweig felt a strong compulsion to make a film on the subject, despite his admission, "I didn't make lists and I never thought about reasons to live."

Said 15 reasons are: love, solitude, critical mind, art, individuality, home, work, humor, friendship, intoxication, praise, meaning, body, duty and death. To savor them all would presumably be to truly live.

From this inspiration begins a series of episodic chapters adapted to the themes of Ray Robertson's collection of essays that inspired this film. The participants, who share their personal anecdotes, are as eclectic as the list.

Humorous and sometimes heartbreaking, Zweig's compassion for his subjects and their stories, expressed through his conversational and candid interview style, ties these vignettes together in a visual essay that strikes deeper chords about finding meaning in our existence. Amongst his subjects' reasons to live Zweig finds a couple of his own in his touching, honest and endearing way.