2012 & the Shift: The Power of Ceremony

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S1:Ep131 hr, 13 mins2009Guest: Jack Allis

We are living in an age of monumental transformation, known to some as the shift. While the topic of 2012 is a particularly hot topic, it is also greatly misunderstood. Jack Allis cuts through the confusion with a message that is simple, yet profound, echoing the ancient indigenous prophesies from cultures spanning the globe, including the Hopi and the Maya.

Before a live audience, Jack Allis explains and demonstrates ancient spiritual practices to help you prepare for the coming shift. This is something he has been teaching for years to countless students with great success. The solution comes from our indigenous ancestors, who knew how to do the one thing we do not: live sustainably and in harmony with the forces of nature and Mother Earth. Now is your time to gain from his wisdom and to be prepared.

Featuring: Jack Allis
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