6th Floor: Expanding Possibility

30 mins2018

6th Floor: Expanding Possibility is a half-hour documentary that explores what is possible in the realm of healing. American human behavioral specialist Candace Silvers journeys her clients through Bali, Indonesia, where the group gets to experience the island’s native healers.

Ms. Silvers has been traveling to Bali for several years and on this particular trip she challenges herself to learn a specific Balinese healing modality, Siwa Murti, from a healer she refers to as “Teacher Man.” Viewers get a glimpse into what some of these clients get to receive from working on high blood pressure, to eyesight, to body image and how Ms. Silvers and the healers work together to create outer physical changes as well as internal.

All the while Ms. Silvers is learning a new healing technique and going through the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that entails. Ms. Silvers gets to practice her newly learned technique at a special gathering of hundreds of Balinese referred to as a “Social.”

Featuring: Candace Silvers, Mangku “Teacher Man,“ Cokorda Rai, Mangku “Smoker Man,” Wayan Sumiy