Advance Your Practice: The Spaces In Between

Shannon Paige
TutorialsModerate-223 mins

A well-aligned and dynamic vinyasa “advancing your practice” class taught by Shannon Paige is based on the wisdom of strength and container-ship in asana form and transition before any application of momentum. This practice is geared towards advancing a specific skill set, the “traditional connecting vinyasa” of chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog. Not only will this session look at these three poses separately; Shannon will explore what each has to teach the other and what is absolutely necessary to be pulled forward from the previous pose, in transition, to stabilize the next posture. The benefit is a sustainable understanding and ability to execute the transitional sequence, with serene and steady confidence, rather than a rush, push or brute momentum.

Contraindications: Wrists, elbows, and shoulder injuries

Props: block

Featuring music by Preston Pierce.