Wisdom of Dreams with Martin Luther King III


2001Ep147 mins
Guest: Rev. Michael Beckwith, Greg O'Neill, Jasmine Guy

Rev. Michael Beckwith founded Agape International Center of Truth and began a journey towards a lifetime dream to make a difference. Agape is one of the largest multi-racial, multi-cultural, trans- denominational, spiritual communities in the world. His teachings have changed the lives of thousands of people. He believes that the real answer to life is a community where love and compassion is the order of the day.

His dream for Agape is that it continues to be a catalyst for peace on Earth, and that it continues to be an example of the possibility of the best in human experience. His vision is that when you participate in any of the Agape programs, you are participating in the beloved community, the Kingdom of God on Earth, where love, good ethics, compassion and joy are the foundation for the basis of what Agape is about.

Instructor/Host: Martin Luther King III
Featuring: Rev. Michael Beckwith, Greg O'Neill, Jasmine Guy
Video Language: English