AIDS Memorial Garden

Spiritual Gardens
S1:Ep323 mins2006Guest: Grahame Beakhust

Cawthra Square Park lies in the heart of Toronto’s gay community. This place, hardest by the AIDS epidemic, was an obvious place to build the AIDS Memorial Garden. It was built to counter the silence, denial and rejection of people living with AIDS and to remember the lives of those lost to AIDS. The AIDS Memorial Garden is dedicated to more than 2,500 who have died from AIDS, and the list of names continues to grow. Grahame Beakhust walks among the pillars bearing plaques with names of those who died from AIDS and talks with planners and caretakers as he explores the solemnity of the garden. Come and attend the annual vigil where friends, lovers and family celebrate the lives of those lost to AIDS.

Featuring: Grahame Beakhust
Video Language: English