All Goes Swimmingly with the Otters

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep3024 mins2002

It’s a Komodo first date that’s years in the making. Today, they’ll let Doni out into the exhibit with Draca and Loca. Doni will be interested in breeding them, that much they know. But, what about the females?

Riven, an Indian changeable hawk-eagle, came to zoo after being confiscated at the border. He was being smuggled in a shoebox from Vietnam and mistreatment left his bones twisted and his spirit dimmed. After almost a year of physical therapy, he’s now a prospect for the zoo’s bird show. But all that hands-on work has left him with a bit of an attitude. Still, Andrea thinks she’s up to the challenge of training him.

Brian has been working at training the river otters for more than two years. His goal is to get them to stand still to be weighed and walk into a travel crate voluntarily. It’s not easy. Otters are hyperactive at the best of times.

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