Many people do not realize it, but Pilates can help you lose weight naturally. It does this by putting you in touch with your innate ability to balance your life and achieve your goals. This multi-level workout is designed to be accessible to everyone, no matter the level of fitness. Follow along with Nicole if you’re new to Pilates. Follow Katia if you are already familiar with Pilates and want to expand your practice or follow Suzanne when you are ready to both challenge and go deeper into your Pilates practice.

When practiced consciously, these exercises can strengthen your entire body, calm your nervous system and rejuvenate your entire being. Helping you to connect with your true self, keeping you centered and aware of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You can make that long term commitment to weight loss and embrace a healthy life style that is balanced nourishing and ultimately fulfilling.

Instructor/Host: Suzanne Deason
Featuring: Suzanne Deason
Video Language: English