Alternative Healthcare Practioners (U.S. Representative Peter A. DeFazio & Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee)

Pillars of Health with Christopher Royce
S1:Ep823 mins1998Guest: Representative Peter A. DeFazio, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee

Peter A. DeFazio, Democratic Representative of Oregon and one of the leading supporters of alternative medicine, enlightens us about the politics of the holistic movement. His bill encapsulates his desire to make sure Americans have ready access to a wide range of potential treatment modalities. With a predominantly western health system in America, he is trying to assure in Federal Law that we can access licensed alternative practitioners in whichever state we live.

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, tenth degree black belt in Tai Kwan Do, offers secrets for success and happiness in alignment with his futuristic vision for America into the third millennium. Listed in the congressional record for his interest in the future of America, Grandmaster Rhee emphasizes starting with educating children in proper values and living as the basis for physical and mental health, and exercise to sustain the body as a temple for the purified perfected mind.

Instructor/Host: Christopher Royce
Featuring: Representative Peter A. DeFazio, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee
Video Language: English