S1:Ep1025 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

From 17th Century splendor to eastern temples, Amsterdam is a vibrant cosmopolitan experience. Most of the beautiful bridges, canals and elegant waterfront buildings were built in the 17th century, Amsterdam’s Golden Age. Amsterdam has a large variety of accommodation for all its visitors, from hostels and backpackers, to 5 star establishments catering for the needs of the more expansive budget.

As a very compact city, the bicycle is the preferred mode of transport, even for visitors going out to experience the wide variety of restaurants available. Amsterdam enjoys the reputation of being one of the most tolerant cities anywhere in the world and provides a home to over 150 nationalities. It is not surprising to find a beautiful oriental temple flanked by its 17th Century neighbors. Another thing this city knows how to do is party at the cutting edge of the future. Conscious Dreams shops carry a broad spectrum of smart products - the concept being to provide partygoers with the information and products that help to make their party experience a lot more fun and healthier.

With its cutting edge consciousness and refreshing approach to life's challenges, Amsterdam is a very exciting European experience.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
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