Amyu – The Army of Wasp Men

Becoming a Man
S1:Ep352 mins2010

In the Kayapo community of northern Brazil, young adolescents must face a terrible challenge to reach adulthood – confront Amyu, a giant wasp that builds nests as big as men, on top of the highest trees of the forest. The legend says that it is the most aggressive of all animals and even the bravest men fear its sting. By enduring hundreds of painful stings, boys prove they are ready to become strong and brave men.

In the village of Pukanu, the project of a new hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River provokes anger among the community. This dam is seen as a declaration of war by the Indians. The elders decide it is time for the young Kayapos to attack Amyu and prepare for battle. Only if the boys succeed this initiatory ordeal will they be able to fight against those who destroy their forest.

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