Angels, Eagles, and Superbeings (John Randolph Price)

Living in Balance with Georgia Shakti-Hill
S1:Ep2924 mins1998Guest: John Randolph Price

In what form do angels appear and how can we be in touch with them? One night when Randolph Price was in bed, a 9-foot light came into his bedroom. In fear of death, he screamed, “I'm not ready yet,” and the light disappeared. That began a journey into working with angels. He started doing research and discovered that angels exist within the consciousness and throughout history. There have been accounts of 22 causal powers sometimes going by the term, angels. Randolph Price and his wife decided to work with each of the 22 angels, individually, as they appeared to them, and they share the experiences with you in this discussion.

Instructor/Host: Georgia Shakti-Hill
Featuring: John Randolph Price
Video Language: English