Angola: Seeds of the Devil

200437 mins

Angola is a country in south-central Africa; it is the second-largest petroleum and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa; however, its people remain among the poorest on the continent. After the end of the war for independence from Portugal in 1975, the Angolan Civil War began and lasted until a ceasefire in 2002 – this prolonged war led to a serious humanitarian crisis. There is still guerrilla fighting for independence in the northern part of Cabinda; also there are millions of landmines throughout the country.

As this historic program reveals, landmines disabled hundreds of people a week; also similar numbers of people were killed, but the deaths went unreported. Children are highly vulnerable victims; here we meet two, Daniel and Antonia, who reveal their feelings through sensitive questioning. We learn a peacetime army of mine-clearers tries to clear the fields so people can get on with cultivating desperately needed food, but in dealing with such deadly work, progress is slow and danger lays buried everywhere.