Apocalypse Still

Geldof in Africa with John Maguire
S1:Ep329 mins2005Guest: Bob Geldof

Once called the heart of darkness, Bob Geldof reveals there may not just be one heart and one darkness in Africa. If the Congo really is the heart of darkness, that heart does not come from its people or the land; it came from outsiders. Riding along the Congo, Geldof, explores its tales of oppression and warfare, a violent history fueled my man’s ever increasing greed for the natural resources Africa has to offer. He visits remote villages full of people rightfully suspicious of all outsiders, a medical facility where it is rumored that AIDS was created by scientists and a school for sorcery teaches children in the ways of traditional African magic.

Instructor/Host: John Maguire
Featuring: Bob Geldof
Video Language: English