Archetype of the UFO

20081 hr, 23 mins

In modern times, the reports of encounters with UFOs and aliens are increasing at an alarming rate. However, what was once considered a sacred experience may now be perceived as an alien encounter. The mind can only interpret a current experiences based on what it has already experienced. As mass media programs peoples’ minds with images of UFOs and aliens, encounters with spiritual beings or other mystical forces are now assumed to be alien encounters that match the templates provided by movies and television.

It is important to understand the true nature of these experiences lest we are deluded by organizations with nefarious intentions. You are invited to examine all of the evidence, even your own personal experiences, with a strong sense of neutrality and practicality. Despite the best evidence, the only truth we can rely upon is true experience. What we think we have encountered may be vastly different than we originally assumed. One person’s angel is another person’s ghost, which is another person’s alien.