The Change Makers
S1:Ep451 mins2010Guest: Céline Hue

With weak government programs, the Argentineans learn to take care of themselves with innovative ideas and programs. One such program sells hectares of the Argentine forest to help protect it from rampant deforestation. Celine visits the inventor of the program as he takes her to stake out her own personal hectare. In another program, computers are delivered to a prison where prisoners repair them. Once working again, the computers are given to the poorest schools. In Buenos Aires there are many plots of land that are abandoned. To fill this space, and help feed the hungry, gardening warriors drive around on bicycles and toss seed bombs full of vegetable seeds. Carlos Keen farm is a haven for foster children giving them not only a place to live but a miraculous experience for growing up. Meet the kids to learn how their lives are changing.

Featuring: Céline Hue
Video Language: English