Arizona 2

Guides and Gurus
S1:Ep922 mins2004Guest: Virginia Boone, Betty Slim, Alfred Mann

Navajo have a vast history of healing techniques that have been passed down, by word of mouth, from generation to generation. We first meet Virginia Boone a Navajo Medicine woman that learned her healing traditions from her father. She reveals the plants she uses and explains how she prepares them from drying, to infusing and making salves. Then, Virginia introduces her grandmother, Betty Slim, who is also a Navajo Medicine Woman. At a young age she learned she would have a sacred connection with the plants and become a healer. Finally we meet Alfred Mann, also a Navajo Medicine man who gives us insight into his healing practice. These three healers share their histories and give a brief glimpse into the ancient and powerful healing traditions of the Navajo.

Featuring: Virginia Boone, Betty Slim, Alfred Mann
Video Language: English