The Art of Camouflage

Shamwari: A Wild Life with Lyndal Davies
S1:Ep1326 mins2008

A lion cub with a broken leg checks in to the animal hospital for emergency treatment. We send it back to the pride with a full cast – but there are no guarantees the other lions will accept it back once they smell the human scent on it.

A new bunch of ranger trainees arrives at Shamwari and we start putting them through their paces. They have to get down and dirty if they are to pass their first exam – the art of camouflage.

A call for help from a neighboring game reserve has the team racing to save an elephant that has been hit by a train. And Albert the sheep is causing havoc at the hospital. He has become overly protective of his buddy Themba the elephant and seems intent on chasing all the other orphans away from him.

Instructor/Host: Lyndal Davies
Video Language: English