Artificial Reefs, Water Harvester, Colony Collapse

Green Matters
S1:Ep2023 mins2007Guest: Abbe Holmes

A collaboration between Israel and Jordan, an artificial coral reef is an alternative diving site to preserve existing reefs. In England, an eco-friendly estate was built on the site of an old gravel pit. In China, electric bikes may be the answer to congestion and severe fuel shortages. Digging up peat also releases greenhouse gases, so researchers are developing a substitute that use a by-product from newspaper recycling. In Zimbabwe, Zephaniah Phiri Maseko learned how to capture and preserve precious rainwater in order to coax wondrous growth on his parched parcel of land. Over the past few years billions of bees have died, which may be an early warning sign that something is very wrong in the environment.

Featuring: Abbe Holmes
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