Atacama Desert with Edward Burtynsky

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep2624 mins2007

We join photographe, Edward Burynsky at the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile. This place is completely void of life. We view some of his past photographs as he explains how his subject matter evolved from mines to large-format landscapes. Still images etch themselves deeper into our memory because the images transcend reality and reach into who we really are.

We join him on the site of a shoot. It is at a mine where the public is not invited. High atop a lift, he scopes the perfect shot. All the while, he explains what his art means and how this mine reflects the messages he wishes to convey. We need to find new ways to think about our world because of the impact that technology is having on the world today.

Video Language: English