Atlantis, Afghanistan, Auto

S1:Ep1724 mins2008

The space shuttle Atlantis brought a team of astronauts to update the Hubble Telescope. War-torn Afghanistan has proclaimed its first national park, in the stunning Band-e-Amir lakes region, some 40 years after it was originally proposed. The Panamera by Porsche is the company's grand touring sports car. It retains the looks of the traditional Porsche, but it has four doors. It also has space, a feature not generally associated with the Porsche name. A geyser field near San Francisco has been turned into a valuable source of geothermal energy. In China, electric bikes look set to take over from traditional push-bikes as there is less pedaling involved, and they offer a fast and effective way to bypass traffic congestion. On the other hand, at Seattle’s Jones Soda Co., employees pedal stationary bikes to supply electricity to their facility. In Kenya, pedaling a bicycle can also charge a cell phone.

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