Autumn with Reinhard Reitzenstein

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep1624 mins2007

In the remote reaches of Algonquin Park we travel to the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Preserve to meet up with sculptor Reinhard Reitzenstein. He explains that everything he does has proportional relations relative to the body. We view some of his past works as he explains his history and his growing interest in the environment. His work has moved through various stages, but all through it is the desire to have a firm relationship with the natural environment.

With the constant barrage of mass media, we lose our connection to the environment. He shares his insights about his work trying to convey a sense of reverence, introspection, and contemplation. The works take you out of a passive aspect of life into an active one while instilling a sense of reverie.

Video Language: English