Balanced Yin and Yang

Healthy Home with Tamara Stanners
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Using the principles of geomancy, Chuck and Claudia Pettis’ home, is perfectly balanced with the earth’s yin and yang, and has evolved into a sacred space for them to relax, write, meditate and feel fully at peace and in harmony with the earth.

Creating a personal sacred space can be as simple as an altar or a shelf with loved objects, or it can be as complex as furnishing a whole meditation room. What matters is that you are creating an area in your home that is personal, inspiring, and healing.

We look at three common types of water filtering systems to see how healthy they actually are. If you’re feeling adventurous, put your water to a taste test!

See how home schooling can strengthen a family connection, provide more personal attention and promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English