Bali & Lombok

Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep526 mins2012

Bali is known as the last place in the world where the gods and demons descend from heaven to Earth among mortals. The mystical atmosphere is mainly created by the local inhabitants, who spend most of their lives practicing spectacular rituals in Hindu temples. There are varied colors, splendid clothes, charming sacrificial gifts, thousands of incense sticks and demonic masks at every step. The Bali people’s deep faith and life filled with mysticism are also reflected in their artistic talents. We will observe the graceful moves of beautiful women, learn how to produce a dance mask from sacred wood, and admire the skill of famous silver-workers.

At first glance, the neighboring island of Lombok may look like a poor man's Bali, but both islands share a common cultural heritage. You will see the creation of hand-woven clothes with mythological patterns or amazing ceramic works that are handmade using ancient techniques without a potter's wheel. Finally, you will see a unique sacrificial rite for the sacred eel, which combines the traditions of Indian Hinduism and ancient paganism.

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