Barbara Lazaroff – LA Restaurateur and Designer

Women on Top
S1:Ep2421 mins2007

Barbara Lazaroff, through her determination, fearlessness, creative vision and plain hard work is the driving force that helped catapult a dream into a multimillion dollar food empire. Not only is she the co-founder of the Wolfgang Puck Food Company with her ex-husband Wolfgang Puck, she is also an award-winning architectural designer and president of Imaginings Interior Design. Known for her innovative restaurant concepts, she is credited with launching the first open kitchen which quickly became an international trend.

Born in the South Bronx, into a very poor family, she moved to Queens when she was 14. With ragged clothes, she struggled socially, but excelled academically at her mother's motivation. She succeeded in areas such as acting, biochemistry, architecture and interior designer. When she met Wolfgang Puck they not only married each other, but they married their two creative talents and they opened the legendary Spago. Always remembering her humble beginnings, she believes in giving back to the community and is active in numerous charitable organizations.

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