The Bat Moms Are Hopeful

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2124 mins2002

It’s vaccination day for the wolves, all 14 of them. The females will also be taken to the health center to have their tubes tied. Without any complications, the pack will be back together in a couple of hours. But when one of the females starts to bleed, their well-laid plans go out the window.

Stevie and Ruby were both rejected by their mothers and hand-raised by zoo staffers lovingly known as the “bat moms.” Today, they’ve got a play date. If all goes well, it will make meeting the rest of the fruit bats much easier.

They’re the socialists of the animal world. In the wild, meerkats take turns looking out for each other while foraging. Today, keeper Ali has a special treat for them: a big wooden spool hung from the ceiling and covered in their favorite foods. Will the meerkats jump on board?

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