Bay of Fundy with Thaddeus Holownia

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep3724 mins2009

Drawn by the long horizontal skyline and the subtleties of human intervention, Thaddeus Holownia came to the Bay of Fundy in 1977. As we see some of his photographs, he explains his personal philosophy in capturing the right subject. As he teaches a new generation of photographers, he tells them to be alive and respond to what's in front of them because they would be amazed at how much of that is the truth.

He explains that seeing is not just about your eyes, it is a complete sensory experience. As we explore the landscape, he reveals that to get a radical photograph, you have to be responsive to where you are and how emotion moves you. “There has always got to be room for someone to talk about the beautiful things in our life and our relationship to them.”

Video Language: English