Beak & Brain: Genius Birds from Down Under

52 mins2013

The prodigies of the animal kingdom have feathers, beaks – and unexpectedly large brains! Just how high does their intellect soar? Rest upon the wings of the Keas in New Zealand and the New Caledonian Crows and take part in this ultimate avian I.Q. test.

The Keas of New Zealand are both brawny and brainy, as the only parrots that live in snowy mountain areas. They put their intellectual capacity to the test by solving puzzles and challenging tourists. Follow them as they unscrew bottle-tops, dismantle windshield wiper blades, and tear open rucksacks.

Thousands of miles northwards, in New Caledonia, we meet a species of crow with exceptional mechanical abilities. We hear from bird expert Gavin Hunt, who discovered these New Caledonian Crows to be the architects of the most intricate tool culture in the animal kingdom!

These feathered high flyers compete with each other, wafting between friends and foes, keas vs. crows. Take off with the birds in this fight of the flight and learn the secrets behind their intelligence.